First-ever conference at 10 000 m high in Finnair’s airplane

This blog post celebrates two things:

1) The new era of conference tourism – conference on air
2) This blog’s first English post ever

Welcome to beautiful Lapland

This and the next post will be in English to promote the #SoMeT14EU seminar and celebrate the fact that Rovaniemi won the fierce competition between the venues.

Seminar on Airplane - Will this change conferences for good?

April 8th will be the day to remember for all the conference tourists out there. The Social Media Tourism #SoMeT14EU, will start already in the airplane where the keynote presentation will be held through the inflight entertainment system. The event will be arranged in co-operation with Think! Social Media and Finnair.

This means that you can use you flight time watching something more intelligent than Gags (Finnair, this is a hint for you: after seeing them 57th time they don’t make you laugh anymore).

As we all know, the best part of any seminar are the activities out of the official program. Maybe in the future the official program could be dealt with already on the air to have more time for extra activities at the seminar destination. At least to me, this sounds brilliant!


The conference will be held in my hometown Rovaniemi 9th-10th April. Rovaniemi ( is the home of Santa Claus and the capital of Lapland. The Social Media Tourism Symposium provides an opportunity for destination marketing organizations, hotels, resorts, attractions, and tourism related entities to share ideas and learn more about how to leverage social media within the tourism industry.

If you want to meet me and rest of the top pro in the world of tourism marketing, don’t hesitate. Enroll to the seminar now and meet me and Santa Claus in Rovaniemi in April.

Have I changed my blogging language to English?

As all my readers know, this blog is THE information channel of tourism and internet in Finland. Those who have been following me know also that I’m really easily bribed to write about issues which bring me either money or fame. This post is about the latter.

PS. Remember that it will still be winter here in April so remember to take proper clothes and shoes with you!

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